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map of the Weinviertel
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Situated to the south of the Thaya river, between the Manhartsberg mountain to the west and the Marchauen to the east, the Weinviertel extends southwards right to the gates of Vienna. The fertile region with its rolling hills is Central Europe’s oldest agricultural site, as witnessed by archaeological finds dating back some 7,000 years.

The entire region derives its name from viticulture: Weinviertel, the winedistrict. Warm loess soils and a Pannonian climate with mild winters give the Weinviertel wines their typical fruit, while the difference between daytime and night time temperatures intensifies the aroma of the region’swines.

The Grüner Veltliner with its Pfefferl, its “kick” of peppery spice, is the characteristic wine of the region. 8,000 hectares are planted with Grüner Veltliner here, the world’s greatest concentration of the varietal.

geological map of the Weinviertel
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Connoisseurs love Weinviertel wines for their diversity, and even lovers of rare specialities will find everything they are looking for, from whites to outstanding red and even great sweet wines, such as ice wine.

Climate and soils of the Weinviertel offer immense possibilities to winegrowers, and the region had produced an incomparably rich wineculture. The experience of Weinviertel wine producers guarantees wines of the highest quality.

Enjoy a good glass of wine from the Weinviertel – a region with great plans. Cheers!