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Wine Committee

What is a Wine Committee?

In many classic wine producing countries, all those included in the process of wine making have for a long time formed interest groups, in order to support the development of their wine growing regions. In 2001, the Weinviertel has established its Regional Wine Committee, the so-called Regionales Weinviertel (Regional Wine Committee Weinviertel).

Local members of the Regional Wine Committee are nominated proportionally by the Chamber of Agriculture and the Chamber of Commerce in the Ministry of Agriculture, thus ensuring that the full spectrum of the wine business in the region is included. Since members know best what “their” region needs and which approaches work, it is their task to define common marketing and production strategies. They know the local wine business, advantages and disadvantages of their wine growing regions as well as demands and necessities of the market; therefore they are best suited to make promising concepts work.

The activities of the Regional Wine Committee are supervised by the Nationales Weinkomitee (National Wine Committee). Like the Regional Wine Committees, this Committee is nominated by the Ministry for five years. The Committee’s tasks comprise, amongst others, the monitoring of the Regional Wine Committees, their members as well as their decisions and, above all, a balanced handling of all areas in Austrian wine business.